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Event Overview

Public-Private Financing and Investing Strategies
Initiating and cultivating Partnerships by Bringing Together the Most Active Investors, Developers, Government Officials and Banks to Unlock Infrastructure Returns

Welcome to Public-Private Financing and Investing Strategies, the MUST ATTEND 2010 event for the P3 industry. You will meet the executives with money to invest in Public-Private Partnerships AND the executives deciding on what projects will see activity in 2011 and beyond. Ideas about the future of public-private partnerships in all sectors and industries will be covered, including energy, water, social infrastructure such as prisons, hospitals and schools, along with toll roads, bridges and highways.

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Our all-inclusive sessions cover the spectrum of topics you need to move your P3 business forward:

  • Infrastructure Throughout the Ages: Find out where the infrastructure investing market is headed over the coming decades, then make an informed decision regarding how you want to be a part of it.
  • International Deal Opportunities: Weigh the risk/reward profile of investments in countries and markets around the world to determine the international opportunities YOU can invest in.
  • U.S. Transportation Deals & Opportunities: Get answers to all your pressing questions regarding P3 projects in toll roads, highways, High Occupancy Toll Lanes, and bridges and tunnels, including when they become profitable
  • Regulatory Keynote Interview: Hear updates on important legislation including President Obama's transportation bill and how it can positively impact P3s
  • Where Infrastructure Belongs in a Portfolio: Where should you place infrastructure in your portfolio? Investors share strategies that will help you define yours.
  • Expert Infrastructure Investors Share their Insights into the Market. Partake in roundtable discussions enabling an in-depth look at controversial issues, including the need for a gas tax, High Occupancy Toll Lanes and when to invest in a project.


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