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The Nexus of Industry Meetings: Congregate with the Entire Private Placement Market to Optimize Your Deal Flow

Access prominent payers

ACCESS PROMINENT PAYERS: issuers, buyers and agents all in one place at one time

The largest gathering of PPIA participation

90% of top 25 Placement Agents in attendance

Global issuers from Europe, Australasia and North America seeking private placement funding

See the PPIF Alumni

Chapman and Cutler Barclays Rockwood Assured Guaranty Banca IMI CGA Securities Greenberg Taurig JP Morgan Kroll Moody's MUFG Santander Bank of America Citi DRBS Fitch Ratings Goldman Sachs Morrison Forrester Natixis Piper Jaffray RBS S&P UBS US Bancorp Bostonia Group Burnham Sterling & Company Egan Jones KeyBanc Mesirow Financial Mizuho Ziegler PPIA


Thousands of meetings drive deal flow for an entire year!

  • Discover Potential New Deal Partners Through our Conference App
  • Network Through Organized Activities: private working meals, one-on-one cabana gatherings, industry dinners and events
  • Private Meeting Areas for Participants to Make Critical Connections for Increased Deal Flow in 2016
  • A More Efficient Way to Meet – All your key meetings can take place over 3 days at PPIF

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2016 event theme

2016 event theme:

Private placements as a core asset class

Why Insurance Companies buy Private Placements

Asset Allocation to Private Placements

Liquidity in Capital Markets

Investment Risk for Capital Providers