Pharma's Strategies for Success in A Value Driven World: Rewarding Risk & Innovation

Scientific innovation in biopharma is unsurpassed and new product flow is at a near-term peak. The worst of the patent cliff is over, throwing industry a lifeline. But CAGRs are worse than ever. Pharma is undergoing a revolution as it fights for margin as never before, under pressure from payers, uncertainty around R&D productivity, decreased government funding for research, and new kinds of competitors. What exactly is a successful pharma company in an increasingly value-driven world? The industry is in a period of constant, fundamental disruption. Restructuring is ongoing, with a greater emphasis than ever on financial efficiency. Recent efforts at large-scale M&A, asset swaps and establishment of joint ventures reflect top executives' preoccupation with decreasing commercial risk while bolstering the balance sheet.

How is pharma tapping the flourishing innovation even as it realigns for new market realities? The creative deal structures that pharma put in place over the past few years are moving full-speed ahead, even as action shifts to earlier-stage deals and new kinds of pre-competitive partnerships. Companies are experimenting with alternative business models to sustain margins, especially in established markets. Even so, the pressure on margins is relentless. The move to value by payers and providers is gathering steam, forcing pharma to take a serious look at how it engages with key constituents.

Increasing emphasis on patient engagement is re-balancing pharma's emphasis on DTC, fostered by technological advances, health care reforms that mandate greater patient input into treatment decisions, and cost-shifting to consumers. We'll hear from R&D and business development leaders about changing corporate priorities and strategies, and the pros and cons of relying on emerging markets to resuscitate faltering businesses at home. We'll also examine what large investors want from specialty pharma as the pace of M&A in that sector continues unabated, and at the other end of the value chain, what impact the biotech bull market has had on venture capital. PSA will provide a discussion of the various, most promising proposed solutions to the industry's toughest challenges.

2014 Topics Include:

  1. Early Stage And Pre-Competitive Deals: Accelerating Development in Key Complex Disease Areas
  2. Refocusing Big Pharma R&D: Perspectives from Top R&D Leaders
  3. KEYNOTE FIRESIDE CHAT with Celgene's CEO: The Importance of Understanding the Value of Medical Innovation for Patients, Healthcare and the Economy
  4. Big Data: Where Payers and Pharma Are Finding Common Ground
  5. Dealmaking in an Era of Combination Therapies
  6. Emerging Markets: Can Sun Pharma Save Ranbaxy And Implications For Generics
  7. INVESTOR PANEL: What's On the Horizon for Biotechs? Perspectives from Wall Street
  8. The Evolution of Biosimilar Development and Commercialization: What's the Latest Perspective?
  9. Commercial Panel: Building a Global Franchise from Scratch
  10. MARKET ACCESS: Tapping Pharma's Value In A Changing Reimbursement Landscape: Implications for Corporate Strategy
  11. New Leaders in Business Development: Interviews with the New Perspectives
  12. Transformative Consolidation for Specialty Pharma: What is The Game Plan?

Why do so many pharma companies send their leadership teams to PSA?

PSA offers case studies about today's top biopharma issues from CEOs, Senior R&D and Senior Business Development executives. Not only will they share lessons learned, and practical advice for sealing a deal, but these key opinion leaders will debate the issues that are top of mind -- from enhancing R&D productivity to doing more with less in Business Development. In addition, attendees will also have the chance to:

  • Meet potential partners and network in a relaxed setting.
  • Understand externalization models and see how a company's approach meshes with potential partners.
  • Benchmark the firm's dealmaking strategy against its competitors.
  • Understand the specifics driving biopharma dealmaking to better calibrate ongoing negotiations.
  • View Top 10 reasons to attend Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference.

PSA is the only meeting to gather in one place the industry's top thinkers to explain solutions to the fundamental challenges facing biotech and pharma. In a limited period of time, it will equip dealmakers like you with the insights, information and practical advice you need to strike successful deals. This program will sell out so register early. Space is limited, so register today!

At this year's event you'll hear from and network with senior industry executives about biopharma's most pressing strategic issues. Panel topics include:

  • Innovative approaches to market access.
  • Breakthroughs in business development.
  • Biotech models that create value.
  • What leading investors want from biopharma companies?
  • Balancing austerity and innovation in R&D
  • BD in China: Why it's the right time to partner with domestic biopharma.
  • Matchmaking and integration in the new world of diagnostics M&A.
  • Bringing brand sensibility to biosimilar strategies.

Benchmark your corporate strategies against the best and the brightest.

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  • Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.
  • Eli Lilly & Company
  • Genentech
  • Genzyme
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • H. Lundbeck A/S
  • Hoffmann-La Roche
  • Merck and Company
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Purdue Pharma LP
  • Sanofi
  • UCB Pharma SA

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