Keynote Sessions

Keynote Sessions

ANALYTICS & SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT: The Power of Social Media to Drive CHANGE: “Yes We Can!”
Dan Siroker

Dan Siroker, Former Deputy New Media Director and Director of Analytics, Obama Presidential Campaign

During the presidential transition, Dan was the Deputy New Media Director where he was responsible for strategic planning of the administration's use of the internet and technology. He led several online initiatives on including a way for the American people to publicly comment on proposed policy, ask a question, or submit an idea—all of which could be voted on by others and went directly to President Obama and his cabinet. Prior to working on the presidential transition, Dan led the analytics team for the Obama presidential campaign and served as a senior member of the larger New Media team. He led a team of software engineers and analysts responsible for optimizing the effectiveness of the campaign's online operations that ended up raising over half a billion dollars, registering over 2 million voters, and enabling 3 million phone calls to be made in the final four days of the campaign. Before joining the campaign, Dan was a Product Manager for Google Chrome, the open-source web browser from Google.

TRENDS EXPERT: “I’m Going To Tweet You Up!”
Michael Tchong

Michael Tchong, Founder & Trend Analyst, Ubercool Inc.

America is changing at warp speed. Massive trends, like Time Compression and the Digital Lifestyle, are reshaping society. Smartphones are turning callers into e-mail and text junkies. Texts are replacing phone calls as the most popular way to communicate in America. Some 700 million people actively engage using social media, causing the word “unfriend” to enter the dictionary in 2009. No wonder the worlds of media and marketing are in flux. Michael Tchong is a renowned trend analyst who inspires and transforms audiences worldwide. Buckle up as he takes you on an exhilarating ride through the landscape of now, while insightfully informing and entertaining you.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS PANEL: Making Money Making Friends
Newlands, Jones, Fernando

Murray Newlands, Founder,
John Chow, Founder,
Ian Fernando, IANternet Media, LLC
Eric Schechter, ClickBooth

It’s clear that social media has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives. But social media is conversational and human- and many struggle with when and how to engage in social media geared specifically for Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates, merchants, and networks alike need to quickly adapt to find the right balance. You have to have an authentic personality first. Build a community second. And then figure out how to monetize it. If you look at the key merchants and affiliates who are driving traffic and creating a following using social media, how are they doing it? What strategies do they employ? How can they be replicated? Find out from leading social media experts how to make it work for YOU and your offerings.

SUPER AFFILIATE EXPERTS: Getting on the Affiliate Fast Track: Tips & Tricks from the Country's Top Earning Super Affiliates
Zac Jonson

Zac Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer, MoneyReign
Matthew Cheng, CEO,
Eddie Alberty, Director, Affiliate Marketing & Advertising, MarketAmerica

Despite economic challenges in other industries, affiliate marketing is growing at a rapid pace, expected to become a $4 billion market by 2014. Clearly, there is money to be made. But more entrants into the space lead to more competition, which means you need to do more to stand out. So what differentiates the stand out ‘supers’ from the rest of the pack? We’re bringing together some of the top Super-Affiliate earners in the country to answer your questions and reveal candid insights on their experiences and keys to success (think biggest surprises, common mistakes, unexpected hurdles, etc). Learn from them how YOU can emulate their results.

Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer, COVARIO

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