Media Partners

    • Brand Channel

      Brandchannel is an award-winning magazine dedicated to providing the world’s leading online exchange about branding. Challenging readers to think critically, its free resources include original articles, industry expert white papers and global listings of jobs and conferences to enhance brand awareness. Join a community of practitioners and thought leaders from over 120 countries and visit our website to expand your view.

    • EMF

      We're an international community of professionals, students and people who share ideas and keep abreast of the newest trends and exciting things happening in the world of media and experiential marketing.

    • EPM Communications

      Research Alert is a twice-monthly newsletter delivering research on consumer behavior, attitudes, spending habits and buying preferences. You get the latest data from every sector of the consumer research community from major independent houses to small boutique operations, government agencies, and other valuable sources you may have never known existed! Let Research Alert stretch your research budget by doing the painstaking work for you - acquiring, sifting through, analyzing, and reporting on the best information we can find? - so you can find it quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost. Subscribe now at

    • Hub Mag

      THE HUB looks like a magazine and reads like a magazine. But it is much more than just another magazine. It is a place where the best, brightest and boldest in marketing - clients and agencies alike - can exchange their best thinking. And it is dedicated to exploring insights, ideas and innovation as the ultimate drivers of success in marketing. Launched in July 2004, and published bi-monthly, THE HUB is brought to you by the editors of and Cool News of the Day.

    • POPON

      The Point of Purchase Online Network has become one of the fastest growing internet based resources in the Packaging, Display, Retail and Printing Industries. Guided by our vision to remain an unbiased information super-highway, POPON continues to make major strides by leveraging the power of collaboration and offering unparalleled insight to professionals like you. Please take a moment to visit and explore the wealth of information at your fingertips.

    • PromotionLINK

      RSL Communications, Inc. publishes PromotionLINK, the blog covering upcoming tactical promotions, tie-ins and sponsorship opportunities, plus the latest news with a slant on Consumer Packaged Goods. We also publish BrandBASE, the only online database focused exclusively on the CPG industry, containing brand and sales management contacts with unprecedented depth.


      Reveries is an online magazine centered on the insights, ideas and energies that drive the future of marketing. Written by, for and about the best and brightest marketing people in the world, Reveries is as intelligent, inquisitive and innovative as you are.
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