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Dear Marketing Enthusiasts

We’ve decided that anything short of perfection isn’t good enough for The Conference on Marketing 2009. That is why we have decided to cancel this event for 2009.

Crafted with such an extreme emphasis on real-time co-creation and collaboration, so much depended on aggregating the best and most diverse human equity. In the end 2009 was just too challenging a time to bring this idea to life the way it needed to be. Budget constraints, “doing more with less” and short term metrics presented obstacles we ultimately could not overcome.

We believe wholeheartedly in the leveraging of talent, experience, and vision across all participants – not just those presenting.  We believe in passion fueled by purpose. We believe that we are all more than our titles or our functions. We believe in having a destination to exchange of information organically in an authentic environment. We are looking forward to a new economy with new rules and when the economy is ready, and when you are ready we’ll be back.

Stay strong and believe in the power of marketing. We do and we always will.

In the meantime, we invite you to attend one of our other relevant conferences with many cross-over topics that we’re sure you will find valuable.

Future Trends | The Market Research Event | Shopper Marketing Fusion | Private Label Impact | Innovation Immersion | Eco Innovation






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