The Innovators

The Innovators

The “Chief” Innovators

Brian HartChris LarsenBrian PopeKaren MorrisMichael LewisMark Norman Zipcar logoRobert Pasin
Brian Hart
Founder, CEO, Black-i Robotics
Chris Larsen
CEO, Prosper
Brian Pope
COO, Virgin Charter
Karen Morris
Michael Lewis
CEO, Real D
Mark Norman
COO, Zipcar
Robert Pasin
CEO, Radio Flyer

Authors and Academics

  • Aline Wolff, Associate Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University
  • Colonel Rolf Smith, US Air Force, retired, former US Military and NATO, Created first military Office of Innovation, Author, The 7 Levels of Change
  • Dan Robles PE, MBA, The Ingenesist Project
  • David Kord Murray, Author, Borrowing Brilliance: The Six Steps to Business Innovation by Building on the Ideas of Others (release date: Sept 17, 2009).
  • David Tanner, Founding Director, DuPont Company Center for Creativity & Innovation, Author, Igniting Innovation through the Power of Creative Thinking and Total Creativity in Business and Industry
  • William Wurtz, Director, Institute for Applied Creativity at Texas A&M University
  • Jaymes Canton, Author, The Extreme Future, Founder, Institute for Global Futures
  • Peter Gloor, Research Scientist, Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT Sloan School of Management, lecturer, Helsinki University of Technology, Author, Swarm Creativity: Competitive Advantage through Collaborative Innovation Networks

The Strategists

  • Mary Kipp, Consultant, Executive Coach, Founder, Kipp and Associates
  • Michael Maddock, Chief Executive Officer, Maddock Douglas
  • Andy Stefanovich, Senior Partner, Prophet

Corporate Innovators

  • Andres Jordan, Vice President, Innovation, Deutsche Telekom NA
  • Caleb Chung, Inventor and Innovator, Creator of Pleo and Furby
  • Craig Libby, Senior Vice President, Innovation Engineer, Innovation & Insights Group, Wachovia
  • Graham Milner, Executive Vice President, Global Innovation, WD-40
  • Janet Gallent, Vice President, Consumer Insights & Innovation Research, NBC Universal Television Networks
  • Kay Roque, Vice President, Communication and Training, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Keenan Thompson, Brand Marketer, Kimberly Clark
  • Lily Wong, Director, Worldwide Strategy & Innovation, Pfizer
  • Mary Ellyn Vicksta, Creative Innovation Pioneer, Kimberly Clark
  • Mary Jo Cook, Vice President, Innovation, The Clorox Company
  • Mike Chai, Vice President, Research & Development, Leapfrog Enterprises
  • Owen Carryl, Sr. Group Manager, Open Innovation, Frito-Lay North America/PepsiCo Inc.
  • Richard Hart, Chief Product Designer, Black-i Robotics
  • Rob Huber, Vice President, Marketing, Design, and Innovation, Faurecia
  • Sanjay Khunger, Chief Technologist, OnStar by GM
  • Sharad Doshi, Director, Market Insights & Business Analytics, Johnson & Johnson
  • Steve Garry, Director, Advanced Analytics, The Clorox Company
  • Tom Schlegel, Vice President, Product Development, Radio Flyer
  • Tony Tomazic, Consumer Innovation Director, Humana Innovation Center, Humana
  • Vincenzo Piscopo, Global Director, Insights, Ideas & Creativity, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Ward Peterson, Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs and Strategic Interventions, Inspire Pharmaceuticals
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