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GAIM USA 2013 - predictions were made, solutions were provided, reflections were heard and expertise was shared. Optimism and pessimism met face to face.
The only consensus was there is no consensus which is why listening to leading
investors and managers proved more important than ever before. Market leaders,
game changers and trend setters kicked off another year and set the stage for
how to achieve the returns you want, incorporate new strategies, implement new
regulation and, of course, hedge wisely.
Some of the perspectives, viewpoints and arguments
made at
GAIM USA 2013:
  • We need to find ways to invest in small managers
  • Large firms remain safer guard dogs of capital
  • The boom years for equity long/ short are still to come
  • Fixed income reigns supreme over equities … for now
  • Europe has bottomed out
  • Frontier markets are the next frontier
  • Japan could have a payoff of 250 to one …
  • Hedge fund associations need to reevaluate their allegiances
  • There are a lot of mispriced credit opportunities
Ratio of investors, asset managers and allocators, solution providers

Unique keynote presenters

Hours of dedicated uninterrupted networking
New speakers
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with 35+ brand new thought provoking sessions
In January 2013: wise investors, successful managers, team leaders, game changers, rule makers, number crunchers, innovators, market experts, market makers and risk takers will collaborated to exchange ideas, solve problems, debate current issues and network new relationships to stay a step ahead. The sessions were designed to appeal to the entire GAIM USA community.
We keep hearing GAIM is more relevant, focused,
reimagined, interesting and fun. Bottom line, everyone is excited. #GAIMUSA #hedgewisely
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