Welcome to A New World Re-Imagined.

To all those who joined us in Los Angeles at The Foresight & Trends Conference 2013, a sincere thank you from the FT team. Your presence made this an unforgettable event!

Taking place in the heart of Hollywood, FT'13 united leading future planning executives across industries and functions, helping them translate visionary knowledge into a viable strategic plan for capturing future opportunities. With field trips into the heart of LA's bubbling art scene- the Culture Safari: Melrose District, Downtown Art Walk, Trenz®Walk: The Arts District - where trends can be found in their infancy; the Popup Hackerspace - where participants were able to play with 3D Printers, DIY electronics, and wearable tech; The Ipsos SMX Sponsored Cocktail Reception - a gorgeous roof deck reception with live artwork and interpretive dance; to the keynotes, hands-on workshops and case study sessions, this was the most exciting and interactive FT conference to date.

Ipsos SMX Sponsored cocktail reception: Video If you missed it, join in on the conversation about the event on Twitter and LinkedIn. Plus, stay tuned for updates on the Foresight & Trends 2014 program
Have feedback on 2013 or ideas for 2014? We'd love to hear from you - contact Romina Kunstadter, Conference Producer at rkunstadter@iirusa.com.

Understand & Navigate the Program by Learning Experiences

Active participation ensures adaptation and actionability making
FT 2013 the antidote to conventional conferences.


Global trend spotters expand your mind..Master storytellers set the stage


Illustrating relevance through real world application examples


Translating visionary knowledge into commercial opportunities


Exploratory learning outside the conference walls

Understand & Navigate the Program by What You Need, Who You Are, What You Do

Understand & Navigate the Program by Content Themes

International Trends Expert & Visionary, Steven Van Der Kruit, reveals the five macro forces shaping the future: Humanity, Connectivity, Empowerment, Experience, & Health

This agenda utilizes these macro forces as its foundation, with the current and future trends tied back to each session and experience. Providing a logical flow and momentum of consciousness, creating a truly holistic and engaging experience.

Trend Insight

Knowledge Capture Sessions These short sessions through the day will help connect the dots.

Focused on prediction to implementation: An exploratory learning experience for synthesizing world trends, brand strategy, innovation, and human science into a future action plan. This is not your ordinary conference- A blended learning experience that promises to show you how to commercialize trends and accelerate future growth