Sponsors and Exhibitors

    • Appirio

      Appirio is a global cloud consultancy that helps customers achieve results in weeks, not years by harnessing the power of the world’s top talent. Appirio’s 600,000 member topcoder community and crowdsourcing platform, combined with the company’s business and technical expertise, have helped 700+ enterprises confidently use technology to increase innovation and transform business. Founded in 2006, Appirio is a trusted partner to companies such as Apria, Coca-Cola, eBay, Facebook, Japan Post Network, L’Oreal, NetApp, The Four Seasons and Virgin America.

    • Batterii

      Batterii is a Cincinnati-based enterprise SaaS platform that empowers businesses and teams to accelerate collaboration and build inspired solutions. Batterii leverages the creative process to engage employees, partners and customers in a facilitated process that yields better products, ideas and breakthrough innovations. With Inspiration, Insights and Ideas at its core, the Batterii platform allows businesses to access the full creative potential in a small team or a global workforce.

    • bb7

      We’re not your usual Product Development firm.  We’re a bustling idea lab responsible for generating products that solve untapped demand, unresolved needs and business goals across a wide range of industries. From marketplace analysis to concept development to engineering and product implementation, bb7 delivers more than products. We deliver groundbreaking solutions.

    • Boston Engineering Corporation

      Boston Engineering Corporation, an engineering consultancy, designs and engineers new and next-generation product solutions for commercial and government entities. We guide clients from proof-of-concept through the product life-cycle within an accelerated time to market. Ultimately, our solutions influence business processes, healthcare delivery, and national security. From robotics to complex electromechanical systems and supply-chain development, we solve the challenges clients face every day. Boston Engineering serves industries that include medical, industrial, defense and homeland security.

    • GfK Custom Research North America

      GfK is the trusted source of relevant market and consumer information that enables its clients to make smarter decisions. More than 13,000 market research experts combine their passion with GfK’s long-standing data science experience. This allows GfK to deliver vital global insights matched with local market intelligence from more than 100 countries. By using innovative technologies and data sciences, GfK turns big data into smart data, enabling its clients to improve their competitive edge and enrich consumers’ experiences and choices.

    • Dolcera

      Located in Silicon Valley and Hyderabad, India, Dolcera was founded in 2004 as a professional services organization with a strong technology bent. Our focus is on providing clients with the technical, intellectual property and business information they need to develop new products and ideas, and to understand the competitive landscape and market environment. A particular focus of the organization is to apply tools such as wikis, data visualization, and information analysis to the challenge of finding and using relevant information in the age of data overload.

    • HYPE

      HYPE Innovation is a global leader in end-to-end Innovation Management software. HYPE’s powerful platform allows organizations to engage thousands of employees in idea generation and collaborative problem solving. We help you focus on measurable business outcomes that can be tracked through to execution. Companies work with HYPE for our flexible products, our deep expertise in innovation management, and our long history of success with some of the largest organizations in the world, including companies such as GE, P&G, Bombardier, DHL, Roche, Nokia-Siemens, Daimler, Airbus, General Mills, Saudi Aramco, Bechtel, Clorox, Deutsche Telekom. Visit

    • Innocentive

      Founded in 2001, InnoCentive has helped corporate, government, and non-profit organizations to better innovate through a methodology and process we call Challenge-Driven Innovation. This approach empowers companies (Seekers) to utilize the diverse knowledge located inside and outsite of their organization, including the InnoCentive Solver network of over 200,000 thoughtful, highly-educated thinkers from over 200 countries. Our Challenge-Driven approach to problem solving has resulted in proven ROI of 74% to 182% for our clients, with payback periods of three months or less. InnoCentive is committed to unleashing diverse thinking, and continues to introduce products and services exemplifying a new corporate model where return to investors and individual passion go hand in hand with solving mankind's most pressing problems.


    • UC Berkeley Center

      UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education designs and delivers a portfolio of programs developed by the most forward-thinking minds in academia and industry in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. Leveraging the vast resources of UC Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay business environment, executive education programs at Berkeley invigorate careers and equip businesses with the leading-edge tools and frameworks to solve their greatest challenges. Here, executives have abundant resources at their fingertips, from award-winning faculty, to national laboratory research, to the vibrant ecosystem of the Silicon Valley. These tools, engaged in one of the most dynamic learning environments in the world, combine to create a powerful experience for business executives seeking a competitive edge.