Learning Formats

Learning Formats


While collaboration is encouraged- conformity is not. FEI provides you the opportunity to weave your own unique tapestry. Your personal experience should NOT look like anyone else’s. It should be a reflection of your own distinctive needs and learning styles. Do you have a bias towards action? Then get outside the conference walls and participate in one of our field trip sessions to Harvard i-Lab, Sam Adams, or Superpedestrian. Or participate in a “GREENROOM” or “SANDBOX” format session- where you might just find that you end up on stage as a presenter. Or are you an innovation introvert? Sit back and let yourself be inspired by luminaries like Dan Pink or Peter Diamandis. In either scenario, FEI puts you in the center of an innovation environment that triggers your most creative moments. You choose your own path. You create your piece of art.

Review the Overall Schedule:

Here's how it works. Main conference sessions begin on Tuesday night with opening keynotes. This is open to EVERYONE. Main conference days feature morning and evening keynotes, with 6 concurrent tracks and field trips in the afternoon to choose from. Jump back & forth and attend the sessions that appeal most to you.

Choose your Level of Interactivity:

FEI is all about the experience. Look at the icon next to the session title. This will help guide you on the level of interactivity you feel comfortable with.

FIRESTARTERS: Three industry leaders present three quick-fire 10-minute presentations on different ways to tackle the same challenge, followed by 15 minutes of joint Q&A.
CHAMPION: Practical, in-depth case studies focused on what works, what doesn't, and why from top execs in leading client-side organizations.
SANDBOX: Don't just listen- act! This format puts you to work on-site and in real-time as you engage in hands-on learning.
STORYTELLER: Storytelling is a very powerful way to communicate, impact and inspire. These speakers have a unique point of view that can only be told through dynamic storytelling.
COINS: Compare & contrast how two execs from two different industries achieved success in different ways, with different models, & mindsets.
GREENROOM: Extra access to the FEI Keynotes! A rare opportunity to join these great innovation minds after their keynotes for more intimate Q&A.
BUSINESS CASE: Not your typical case studies. Experience outlier cases, local knowledge cases and high profile cases. Whichever you chose, these business cases focus on practicality from best in class innovation partnerships.