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Front End of Innovation


The Full Spectrum Innovation Event- From Ideation through To Execution

MAY 10-12, 2016 BOSTON, MA

Overcome pervasive barriers to scalable, repeatable innovation at FEI 2016.

The 14th annual FEI: Front End of Innovation is a conference that senior level R&D, Innovation, and Product Development executives rely on to thwart the growing threat of disruption by non-traditional competitors. Large organizations are under fire to be more agile and opportunistic in their approach to innovation, adaptation, and disruption. That's why the 2016 curriculum is designed to help systematically tackle the innovation process- from ideation through execution- in order to capture immense innovation
Big Brand Icons and Nimble Disruptors Expand Your Thinking
  • Dan Heath

    Making Smarter Decisions

    Dan Heath

    Best-Selling Author, Switch, Made to Stick and Decisive

  • Vijay Govindarajan

    Innovation Execution

    Vijay Govindarajan

    Thinkers 50 Winner, Best-Selling Author, Reverse Innovation, Coxe Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business

  • Alexa Clay

    The Misfit Economy

    Alexa Clay

    Culture Hacker & Innovation Strategist, Author, The Misfit Economy, Co-Founder, Co-Founder, League of Inrapreneurs, The Human Agency

  • Christian Gansch

    High Performing Teams

    Christian Gansch

    Grammy Winning Conductor & Innovation Strategist

  • Frank Stephenson

    The Anatomy of Design

    Frank Stephenson

    Chief Design Officer, McLaren Automotive

Full FEI 2016 Keynote Line-Up

Complacency Kills Innovation

Innovation guides responsible for setting the strategy at the most admired innovation brands push you to challenge your assumptions and rethink your strategy through a series of workshops, case studies, and innovation excursions.

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FEI 2016 covers the entire innovation spectrum from ideation through execution. Core content areas include:

  • Rapid Product Development
  • Customer Centric Innovation
  • Open Innovation & New Partnering Ecosystems
  • Culture & Leadership
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Strategy, Management & Execution
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