FEI 2015 Agenda

  • Lunch

    Wednesday, May 20 12:30PM
  • Welcome

    Wednesday, May 20 8:30AM
  • Best of the Best: Learn and Bench Mark your Company against the Top Quartile Practices in the Front End

    Monday, May 18 9:15AM

    What are the best practices, methods and tools used in the Front End which will consistently increase the value, amount and success probability of high profit concepts entering the new product deve...

    • Peter Koen,
      Director of Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Inside the Box: The systematic Inventive Thinking Method

    Monday, May 18 9:15AM

    The workshop focuses on how to create value and growth through innovation. Participants learn the skills of innovation and how to successfully apply those skills. They will apply Systematic Inventi...

    • Drew Boyd
      Executive Director, MS-Marketing Program, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Innovation Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati
  • Fixing Innovation: An Open Space Experience

    Monday, May 18 9:15AM

    Why is innovation such a challenge for many, yet so simple and successful for the few? Many organizations and their senior leadership spend considerable time trying to ensure that they will not be ...

    • Richard Ruth
      Innovation Consultant Eli Lilly
  • Hot Topic: Emerging Markets - Commercial Innovation in Emerging Markets

    Monday, May 18 9:00AM

    This case study will discuss a practical approach to create a climate that stimulates commercial (non-molecule) innovation in Emerging Markets. It will discuss how to identify innovative ideas acro...

    • Wim Vandenhouweele
      Executive Director, Emerging Markets Commercial Innovation Merck
  • The Really Old New Kids on the Street

    Monday, May 18 9:00AM

    At the beginning of 2014, CME Group aggressively launched an Innovation & Acceleration Lab and a Corporate Venture Fund. David will share what they have learned in the first year of aggressivel...

    • David Wong
      Senior Director, Innovation and Acceleration Lab CME Group
  • Innovation Through Participation: How Crowdsourcing Amplifies ROI for Products & Brands

    Monday, May 18 9:00AM

    Whether in LEGO’s Ideas community where LEGO co-creates in-demand global products with hundreds of thousands of its fans, or in HTC’s elevate, where the company has built an “alwa...

    • Rob Dawson
      CMO Chaordix
  • Realizing the Promise of Biotechnology in the Food & Ag Sector

    Monday, May 18 9:40AM

    Cargill is one of the leading providers of food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services in the world and is also the largest privately-held company in the U.S. with $135 billio...

    • Gayl Bunes
      Senior Program Manager, Biotechnology R&D Cargill, Inc.
    • Brian Christian
      President The Inovo Group
  • Hot Topic: Trust, Fear & IP - How to Rev up your Innovation Commerce Engine…

    Monday, May 18 9:40AM

    Open innovation programs have been adopted as companies realize the value of tapping external sources for disruptive ideas, insights and solutions. The Internet of Everything (IoE) is changing prod...

    • Peter von Dyck
      CEO e-Zassi
  • University 2.0: New Models for Partnering with Research Communities to Super-Charge your Innovation Ecosystem

    Monday, May 18 9:40AM

    Universities are hothouses for new ideas and entrepreneurial activity.  Once considered “too early” for consideration, Universities interests are now, more than ever, aligned with ...

    • Tracey Dodenhoff
      Director, Center for Research Innovation Northeastern University
  • Morning Break

    Tuesday, May 19 10:30AM
  • HubSpot

    Wednesday, May 20 10:45AM

    HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. The company, founded in 2006, has more than 11,500 customers in more than 75 countries, went public in October, and has re...

  • Reebok

    Wednesday, May 20 10:45AM

    Join Bob and Dan for a brief tour of the Reebok campus and an overview of Reebok’s upfront innovation approach. The heart of the session, pun intended, is to watch live research exploratory f...

    • Dan Hill
      President Sensory Logic
    • Bob Rich
      Director of Research Reebok
  • COIN: The Connecticut Open Innovation Network for Startup and Corporate Collaboration

    Monday, May 18 10:40AM

    What does collaboration between enterprise-scale companies and startups look like? The Stamford Innovation Center has created “COIN” – the Connecticut Open Innovation Network &nda...

    • Brien Buckman
      Product Management, OpenAPI Platform Mastercard
    • Ivy Eisenberg
      Founder Our IdeaWorks
    • Jonathan Hartman
      Disruptive Technologies Lead Sikorsky Innovations
    • Brian Romansky
      Director, New Business Opportunities Pitney Bowes
  • An Overnight Success Four Years in the Making: Delivering New Product Outcomes at BBH

    Monday, May 18 12:00PM

    In this session, Phil Swisher, the founder and leader of the innovation team at Brown Brothers Harriman, shares how BBH's innovation team created the majority of the firm's new product pipeline.&nb...

    • Philip Swisher
      SVP Innovation Brown Brothers Harriman & Co
  • Hot Topic: Empathy - How Deep Human Truths Inspire New Excitement…

    Monday, May 18 10:40AM

    BP is a company rich in history and tradition but bringing change into any component of the business can be a challenge. This session shares how uncovering deep human truths broke some old habits i...

    • Diana Gabbard
      Consumer Insights EOR FVC BP
  • MassChallenge

    Tuesday, May 19 11:00AM

    MassChallenge is on a mission: to catalyze a global entrepreneurial renaissance. This is a unique opportunity to visit their new headquarters in the Boston Innovation & Design Building, engage ...

  • Moderna Therapeutics

    Tuesday, May 19 11:00AM

    Visit the headquarters of Moderna Therapeutics in Kendall Square, where the company is conducting breakthrough research on its messenger RNA (mRNA) Therapeutics™ platform technology. Moderna&...

    • Noubar Afeyan
      Co-Founder and Chairman Moderna Therapeutics and Flagship Ventures
    • Stephane Bancel
      President and Founding CEO Moderna Therapeutics
  • Right From the Start: How Companies Have Established Successful Innovation Programs

    Monday, May 18 11:20AM

    As organizations increasingly recognize the untapped potential of their workforce, they are seeking to bring employees into the innovation process. This is new and exciting, but it's also a challen...

    • Hutch Carpenter
      Innovation Consultant Hype Innovation
  • Corporate Venturing as an Innovation Tool

    Monday, May 18 11:20AM

    Innovation is a key driver for growth for all companies, regardless of industry. Successful innovation requires extensive collaborations with and a strong focus towards the external world to identi...

    • Pieter Wolters
      MD, DSM Venturing DSM
  • Get Involved

    Monday, May 18 11:20AM

    Contact Liz Hinkis at for more information.

  • Lunch - Hosted by GLG

    Tuesday, May 19 12:45PM
  • Optum Labs

    Wednesday, May 20 1:00PM

    Founded as a partnership between Optum (a UnitedHealth Group company) and Mayo Clinic in early 2013, OptumTM Labs is the health care industry’s first open collaborative research and innovatio...

    • Sanji Fernando
      VP, Innovation Optum Labs
    • Matthew Wiandt
      Director, Innovation Optum Labs
  • Northeastern University: Burlington Innovation Campus

    Wednesday, May 20 1:00PM

    Seeking to continue its growth through an aggressive innovation strategy, the Rogers Corporation sought to establish an innovation center embedded in an academic institution.  After a rigorous...

    • Peter Boynton
      Co-Director, The George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security Northeastern University
  • Building an Enterprise Capability for Innovation

    Monday, May 18 1:40PM

    Making innovation an integral part of the fabric of a large company is a challenging, multi-year undertaking. At its core (and where most companies do well) is having a well-functioning system for ...

    • Deb Arcoleo
      Director, Strategic Foresight & Innovatoin CoE The Hershey Company
  • The Evolution of Design Thinking from Small Teams to Enterprise-Wide Adoption

    Monday, May 18 1:40PM

    Design thinking is a mindset.  Many organizations never seem to get to a point where there is an intentional process that helps deliver game-changing solutions beyond small teams.  Innova...

    • John Gleason
      Founder & CEO A Better View
    • Daniel J. Sims
      Principal Designer P&G
    • John P. Klick, Jr.
      Manager, Global Innovation Pfizer, Inc.
    • Libby Wright
      Portfolio Innovation Lead The Coca-Cola Company
  • Moving Towards a More Open, Effective Government

    Monday, May 18 1:40PM

    Open innovation is disrupting the traditional culture in government, and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) is helping to lead the charge. Through open prize competitions, innovative p...

    • Sandeep Patel
      Manager, Open Innovation US Department of Health & Human Services
  • Hot Topic: Education - Maintaining America's Competitive Position with a New Corporate Academic Partnership

    Monday, May 18 2:20PM

    Historically, academia has never been connected to business. This didn't matter decades ago, but in today's hyper-connected world, education and business must be inextricably linked in or...

    • Karl McDonnell
      CEO Strayer Education
  • Using Insights as Ammunition to Align Stakeholders and Focus the Business

    Monday, May 18 2:20PM

    When a company accepts that its bread & butter category won’t be that for much longer, the likely outcome is A) continue to ride the wave for as long as it goes, or B) jump off and catch ...

    • Kara Sterner
      Director of Innovation Bumble Bee Foods
  • How Harman Supercharges their Front-End of Innovation through Crowdsourcing

    Monday, May 18 2:20PM

    Harman is well known for making exceptionally great sounding audio and infotainment equipment. In a highly competitive landscape where wireless and Bluetooth are the norm, how does Harman seek to s...

    • Kevin Hague
      VP, Developer Community and Programs Harman
    • Mike Morris
      GM of Crowdsourcing Appirio
  • Welcome from Peter Koen, FEI Advisory Board Chair

    Monday, May 18 3:30PM

    Join us as Peter Koen kicks off the first night of keynotes as he illuminates what you would have learned about transformational and disruptive innovation had you attended ALL 13 Front End of Innov...

    • Peter Koen,
      Director of Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Fidelity Labs

    Tuesday, May 19 3:15PM

    The scientists and researchers at Fidelity Labs (the R&D unit of Fidelity Investments, also known as the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology) innovate with technology to give people access t...

    • Rick Smyers
      VP, Accelerated Innovation Fidelity Investments
    • Ken Zolot
      Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship MIT
  • Humanoids: From Kicking a Ball to Saving Lives

    Monday, May 18 4:00PM

    Can humanoid robots save lives? Will they have the capacity to be our friends? Hear how Dennis Hong, founding director of UCLA’s Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory, is making this happen an...

    • Dennis Hong
      Associate Professor and the Founding Director of RoMeLa (Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory UCLA
  • Human Innovation: Life's About to Get Interesting…

    Monday, May 18 4:45PM

    According to a shocking study, “over 99.7% of employees and consumers are human.” Assuming this is true, how could our approach to innovation be more human? To find out, Dustin Garis em...

    • Dustin Garis
      Former Chief Troublemaker, Procter & Gamble, Founder LifeProfit
  • Pfizer R&D Center

    Tuesday, May 19 4:30PM

    Officially opened in June 2014, Pfizer Cambridge is a state-of-the art R&D hub located in the heart of Kendall Square, one of the richest biomedical communities in the world. Approximately...

  • Exponential Organizations

    Tuesday, May 19 9:00AM

    Driven by accelerating technologies, a new breed of organizations, called Exponential Organizations, is today scaling at a pace unimaginable just a few years ago. For example, the convergence of re...

    • Salim Ismail
      Global Ambassador and Founding Executive Director Singularity University
  • Dealing with Disruptive Innovation

    Tuesday, May 19 9:45AM

    Companies looking to be innovative face a conundrum: Every policy and procedure that makes them efficient execution machines stifles innovation. Facing continuous disruption from globalization, Chi...

    • Steve Blank
      Author, The Startup Owners Manual
  • The Body Mind Connection and Its Role in Innovation Problem Solving

    Wednesday, May 20 11:00AM

    Innovative thinking is its own unique form of 'problem solving' - essentially innovators are looking for third way options, rather than a direct line logical solution, or a compromise. As innovator...

    • Gillian Ferrabee
      Director, Creative Lab Cirque du Soleil Media
  • Illuminating the Consumer: The Difference between Active (Smartphone Ethnography) & Passive (Lifelogging) Data

    Tuesday, May 19 11:15AM

    This engaging session compares the use of emerging technologies as a means to observe consumer lifestyles, consumption behaviors & brand intersections.  Together, Simeon and Matthew will i...

    • Simeon Chow
      Director, Consumer Research, Innovation and Infrastructure Altria Client Services
    • Matthew Singer
      Executive Director Egg Strategy
  • Lean Startup in Large Companies: 3M, Goodyear and Intuit Share their Implementation Experiences

    Tuesday, May 19 11:15AM

    The lean startup process had its origins in entrepreneurial start-ups. Large companies such as 3M, Goodyear and Intuit – among others are beginning to implement the methodology. Each of these...

    • Steve Blank
      Author, The Startup Owners Manual
    • James Euchner
      VP Global Innovation Goodyear
    • Peter Koen,
      Director of Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship Stevens Institute of Technology
    • Hugh Molotsi
      VP of Innovation Intuit
    • Crisin Moran
      Front End Manager 3M
  • Connecting with Startups: Here's How to Do It Successfully

    Tuesday, May 19 11:15AM

    Many large organizations assume that the most promising startups will find them — and be eager to partner. But in a world where disruptors like Uber, Dropbox, and Airbnb often choose to go it...

    • Julia Austin
      Co-Founder and CTO Stealth Start-Up
    • Dave Balter
      Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, CEO Smarterer
    • David Chang
      COO Paypal Media Network
    • Scott Kirsner
      Editor of Innovation Leader and Columnist The Boston Globe
    • Rudina Seseri
      Partner Fairhaven Capital
  • Instigating an Authentic & Innovative Corporate Culture

    Tuesday, May 19 11:15AM

    Johnson & Johnson is the first multi-national company to create a global TEDx program using the power and style of TEDTalks internally to allow colleagues to share ideas. By giving employees a ...

    • Steve Garguilo
      TEDxJNJ Curator Johnson & Johnson
    • Matt Kane
      Experience Design & Leadership Development Johnson & Johnson
  • Innovation, Adaptation, and Knowledge at NASA: Lessons from LCROSS

    Tuesday, May 19 11:15AM

    NASA projects are often “firsts” or one-of-a-kind missions that require practitioners to innovate, draw on specialized knowledge, and adapt to unanticipated circumstances...

    • Ed Hoffman
      Chief Learning Officer NASA
  • This session will be delivered by InnoCentive

    Tuesday, May 19 12:00PM

    Check back for program updates.

  • Experimenting at the Edge: Science Fiction, Uncommon Partners & Robots

    Tuesday, May 19 12:00PM

    Through its unique recipe for innovation and its lab at Singularity University, Lowe's Home Improvement has been able to fast-track a number of transformative initiatives. In this session, Carin an...

    • Kyle Nel
      Executive Director of Innovation Lowe's Home Improvement
    • Carin Watson
      Director, SU Labs Singularity University
  • HelloFresh: Disrupting the Grocery Industry

    Tuesday, May 19 4:30PM

    The grocery industry is poised for tech disruption, and HelloFresh is pioneering new distribution models on how consumers receive their food today. With offices worldwide, HelloFresh is leading the...

    • Seth Goldman
      CEO HelloFresh USA
  • Disruption for the Greater Good

    Tuesday, May 19 2:00PM
    Combining deep and meaningful personal insights with lessons on creating social impact, change making and community involvement, the inspirational story of Change Heroes will have us rethinking how we...
    • Taylor Conroy
  • A Quiet Revolution: Changing How We Work, Lead and Innovate

    Tuesday, May 19 2:30PM

    Did you know that many of the most effective business and political leaders possess traits typically associated with introverts (e.g., “soft-spoken,” “quiet,” “thought...

    • Susan Cain
      Author, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking
  • Bonus Time with Susan Cain

    Tuesday, May 19 3:15PM

    FEI Keynote Susan Cain’s book was named the #1 best book of the year by Fast Company magazine, which also named Cain one of its Most Creative People in Business. Cain’s book was the sub...

    • Susan Cain
      Author, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking
  • Startup Partnerships

    Tuesday, May 19 3:15PM

    Every large organization is exploring startup partnerships (venturing, prototyping, acquiring) but it's really hard to do it well for a number of reasons. This panel brings together SU Labs members...

    • Carin Watson
      Director, SU Labs Singularity University
  • Understanding Tomorrow, Today: A Virtual Trends Tour of the Next Decade

    Tuesday, May 19 3:15PM

    Understanding the key global trends that most impact our future is vital.  This knowledge helps guide innovation, marketing, and communications planning.  Join GfK and Colgate-Palmolive a...

  • How Can You Learn to Think More Innovatively

    Tuesday, May 19 3:15PM

    This hands-on experiential workshop will introduce fundamental principles of innovative thinking. Participants will start with an issue, change, or mystery that they’d like to think about in ...

    • Aline Wolf
      Associate Professor, Management Communication, Stern School of Business New York University
  • Exploring the Business Model Canvas with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method

    Tuesday, May 19 3:15PM

    This interactive session will introduce the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method as a tool for developing your business model canvas. The SERIOUS PLAY method is an experiential and innovative way to enhance in...

    • Per Kristiansen
      Global Director LEGO Serious Play
  • Making Data Work: Guiding Developers to Build Tools to Help All Teachers

    Tuesday, May 19 4:30PM

    Check back for program updates.

    • Kai Kung
      Program Officer, US K-12 Education Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    • Lynne Thomson
      VP, Account Executive TNS
  • Technology and Improvisation in Design

    Tuesday, May 19 4:30PM

    What's the future for technology? Humans. Interfaces today are almost exclusively Human>Screen, but what about Human>Human interactions that involve technology? Think retail, hospitality, hea...

    • Jake Barton
      Principal Local Projects
  • Frustration & Fax Machines: Two Leading Indicators of Gigantic Opportunity

    Tuesday, May 19 12:00PM

    If anyone today ever says “Please fax me your information.” you can be sure that industry is ripe for disruption. At its core, frustration is a way for people to express a clear desire ...

    • Jon Orban
      CEO & Founder GeneSolve
  • 2nd Annual Women in Innovation Panel

    Tuesday, May 19 5:15PM

    FEI 2013 Keynote Vivek Wadhwa of Singularity University closed his keynote with a call to action, asking all the women in attendance to make their voice heard and inspire more to join the innovatio...

    • Denise Fletcher
      Chief Innovation Officer, Payer & Pharma Xerox
    • Kimberly Kleiman-Lee
      Lead, Senior Executive Leadership Development GE Crotonville
    • Donna Sturgess
      Former Global Head of Innovation, GlaxoSmithKline, Executive in Resident, Integrated Innovation Institute, Carnegie Mellon University Buyology
  • Leading with Creative Confidence

    Wednesday, May 20 9:00AM

    Creativity has become a key success factor for companies of all kinds, and Tom Kelley will show how creative methodologies like design thinking can contribute to innovation and growth.  Drawin...

    • Tom Kelley
      Managing Director IDEO
  • A Disruptive Take on the World: Marketing, Innovation, and What’s Next

    Wednesday, May 20 9:45AM

    Marketing Guru Seth Godin shares his take on the world- incorporating marketing, innovation and what's next. (the connection economy, soft networks and the rest). A best-selling author 17 times ove...

    • Seth Godin
      Best Selling Author, Marketing Guru
  • The Evaluation of Risk and Reward in R&D Project Selection

    Wednesday, May 20 11:00AM

    R&D project data evolves and changes quickly as projects are conceived and mature. Projects follow a typical "hype cycle" and are prone to anchoring, optimism bias, and the bandwagon effect. Th...

    • Kevin Connor
      Chief Product Officer Decision Lens
    • Julio Gagne
      Executive Program Director ImmunoGen, Inc.
  • Philo: Reinventing Television on College Campuses

    Wednesday, May 20 11:00AM

    It’s a fact: college students want to watch TV on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets—anywhere on campus. And despite systems like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, the ability to watch l...

    • Tuan Ho
      Co-Founder Philo
  • Bonus Time with Seth Godin

    Wednesday, May 20 11:00AM

    Seth Godin is the author of 17 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas ...

    • Seth Godin
      Best Selling Author, Marketing Guru
  • Culture: The Catalyst to Innovation

    Wednesday, May 20 11:00AM

    You want your company to be more innovative, but HOW?  Learn about & apply Great Place to Work®’s easily transferable model, refined through use in 40+ countries, over 25 years, ...

    • Michelle Augustine
      Technology and Innovation Champion Gore Medical Products
    • Tony Bond
      Senior Consultant Great Place to Work
    • Debra France
      Learning and Leadership Development WL Gore
  • Sparkling Innovation - Innovation Case Study by Swarovski

    Wednesday, May 20 11:45AM

    Martha Tanghe (Senior Idea & Innovation Manager at Swarovski) will be discussing a range of challenges and best practices that she has encountered while implementing and managing an innovation ...

    • Michael J Stilger
      Senior Vice President, Global Solutions & Innovation Management Qmarkets
    • Martha Tanghe
      Senior Idea & Innovation Manager Swarovski
  • CTO Panel: Building a Culture of Innovation

    Wednesday, May 20 11:45AM

    They say ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’; turns out it has a hunger for innovation as well. Breaking out of past habits and behaviors can be especially difficult for successful co...

    • Andrew Binns
      Managing Principal Change Logic
    • Dan Hushon
      Chief Technology Officer Computer Science Corporation
    • Peter Real
      Chief Technology Officer Analog Devices
    • Phil Vickers
      Global Head of R&D Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Impacting Microfinance across the Globe

    Wednesday, May 20 11:45AM

    EFL is a for-profit social enterprise company that is accelerating poverty reduction through the use of innovative tools to help entrepreneurs in emerging markets gain access to capital so they can...

  • The User Innovation Paradigm

    Wednesday, May 20 1:45PM

    Studies now show that about 5% of national populations are user innovators.  This means that many millions of individual citizens are collectively spending many billions of dollars annually de...

    • Eric von Hippel
      T Wilson Professor of Innovation MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Shifting Culture and Social Norms through Media and Products

    Wednesday, May 20 2:30PM

    From pizza to underwear to super heroes, Miki is shifting the culture of entrepreneurism, creating businesses that are focused on more than just the bottom line. Understand why integrating purpose ...

    • Miki Agrawal
      Co-Founder and Co-CEO THINX and SUPER SPROWTZ

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