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  • Women Leaders in Pharma Dinner 2014

    Women Leaders in Pharma Dinner 2014

    October 20 - October 20 2014, Boston, MA

    Partake in open environment amongst the biomedical, bio-technology, diagnostic, health informatics, healthcare, medical device, & pharmaceutical sectors to combat issues facing women working their way up the life sciences ladder. We invite established leaders and up-and-comers in the pharmaceutical industry - both women and men of all levels to attend.

  • Women in STEM Idea Exchange Summits

    Women in STEM Idea Exchange Summits

    October 21 - October 21 2014, Waltham, MA

    The Women in STEM Idea Exchange Summits afford corporations the opportunity to make one-to-one connections with potential employees, feed the pipelines for their mentoring and internship programs, as well as promote their internal initiatives in support of women in the workplace. The Summits provide a unique opportunity for college students to learn about internships, mentoring programs and the varied types of jobs that are available to STEM educated young women within specific companies.

  • GAIM Ops West Coast

    GAIM Ops West Coast

    November 01 - November 01 2014, California

    GAIM Ops Cayman is the flagship event of the GAIM Ops series of events focused on hedge fund due diligence, operations, compliance, and risk management, attracting 500+ senior delegates. It is the premier forum in hedge fund operational excellence for C-level operations & risk management professionals, operational due diligence practitioners, and hedge-fund investors.

  • The International Shopper Insights in Action Conference 2013

    The International Shopper Insights in Action Conference 2013

    November 03 - November 05 2014, Prague

    The International Shopper Insights in Action Event unites the world's most influential FMCG Suppliers and Retailers to share best practices, industry innovation and illustrate the value of activation at retail. Leading Researchers, Category Managers, Shopper Marketers and Merchandisers attend to explore consumer and shopper behavior, the decision journey and how to champion the value of activating intelligence for basket growth. There's a reason SIA is the most trusted conference brand for championing the activation of research at retail and the annual voice of the industry event. We create an event that's 100% unique, practical and on target with exactly what you need.

  • IN3 Summit 2014: Pharma & Medtech Business Intelligence
  • Brand Executive Forum 2014

    Brand Executive Forum 2014

    November 10 - November 11 2014, New York, NY

    Focused on the business value of insights, the Brand Executive Forum is an invitation-only event that unites director-level and above brand executives from across pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies. It is a think tank dedicated to blending business objectives, marketing strategies and industry priorities to provide you with a clear path forward. The experience is designed to spark discussion, inspire action and encourage you to engage with other forward thinking industry innovators.

  • Foresight & Trends 2014

    Foresight & Trends 2014

    November 11 - November 13 2014, Los Angeles, CA

    FT 14 synthesizes trend insights, consumer insights, foresight, brand strategy, design thinking, human science and innovation into a CLEAR VISION for capturing future opportunities with a unique blended learning curriculum. It unleashes valuable knowledge, contextualizes the knowledge into relevant examples for you to apply back to your business, and then empowers you to connect with the future in hands on translation sessions and immersion techniques centered on core themes.

  •  Therapeutic Area Partnership 2014
  • Insurance Industry Forum 2014

    Insurance Industry Forum 2014

    November 20 - November 20 2014, Washington, DC

    The 2nd Annual Insurance Industry Forum: Governance, Risk, ORSA This event focuses on developments in holistic risk assessments and ORSA effectiveness. Targeted content for the insurance community, at the event you will discover best practices risk management from insurance companies and thought leaders, gain insight from companies and regulators already familiar with the ORSA process, and explore the convergence of quantitative and qualitative risk management. The event takes place November 20th in Washington DC.

  • GAIM Regulation and Fund Governance 2014

    GAIM Regulation and Fund Governance 2014

    December 01 - December 01 2014, New York, NY

    Hear directly from regulators on what they would like to see, what they are looking for and what’s next on their agenda. In a private setting that fosters open discourse between the hedge fund community and senior executives, attendees will hear from chairs and commissioners from groups such as the CFTC, SEC, ESMA, FINRA, NFA, NAIC, FCA and CIMA. Managers and investors will leave with a better understanding of not only what regulators are looking for, but how to integrate and prepare for new rules and regulations.