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  • Medical Device Clinical Trials 2014

    Medical Device Clinical Trials 2014

    June 02 - June 04 2014, Chicago, IL

    Medical Device Clinical Trials is the only event designed specifically for medical device clinical trials professionals to improve clinical strategy development and deliver high quality clinical trial monitoring, data management and project management to guarantee first time market access.

  • Private Placement Life Insurance 2014

    Private Placement Life Insurance 2014

    June 03 - June 04 2014, Boston, MA

    The 12th Annual Private Placement Life Insurance and Variable Annuities Forum.Tax-Efficient Investing for the High Net Worth Market. An Advanced Forum for Carriers, Brokers, Fund Platforms, and Fund Managers to Meet and Grow Their Businesses.

  • RiskMinds USA

    RiskMinds USA

    June 16 - June 20 2014, Miami, FL

    This is your chance to share ideas, stories, best practice and learn from the experience of over 250 senior risk management professionals from across the Americas and beyond. All aspects of financial risk will be explored, including credit, market, op, liquidity, model, investment, stress testing, capital management, regulation and more. Hosting more international CROs, regulators and top level practitioners than any other risk management event in the Americas, RiskMinds Americas has proved itself as the region’s top risk management conference. Don’t miss your chance to join us!

  • InvestorOps 2014

    InvestorOps 2014

    June 16 - June 17 2014, New York, NY

    The 3rd Annual InvestorOps: The Most Innovative Developments in Due Diligence, Operations, Compliance and Risk Management on Alternative Investments for Our InvestorOps Community.

  • Gross to Net Accounting Forum 2014

    Gross to Net Accounting Forum 2014

    June 17 - June 18 2014, Philadelphia, PA

    The pharmaceutical industry has a responsibility to accrue and account for discounts and other financial elements and properly state these liabilities on income statements in order to properly adjust their gross to net income. This is a complex process that must take several things into account to ensure the right figures are calculated. IIR's Pharmaceutical Gross-to-Net Accounting Forum goes through this process and provides tools and strategies to accurately forecast, accrue and account for each line by line item that goes into determining the gross-to-net calculation.

  • ETF Managed Portfolio Summit 2014

    ETF Managed Portfolio Summit 2014

    June 17 - June 18 2014, Chicago, IL

    ETF Managed Portfolio Summit 2014 - A Forum for ETF strategists, ETF sponsors, financial advisors, and platforms; bringing together the best of the ETF community to optimize distribution and product development. June 17 - 18, 2014 Swissotel, Chicago IL

  • Healthcare Data Insights 2014

    Healthcare Data Insights 2014

    June 23 - June 25 2014, Chicago, IL

    The Healthcare Data Insights event provides practical applications for payers and providers looking to translate the data they have into actionable and implementable information. There are two sides to the event, the sales and marketing side that focuses on member engagement and retention, and the medical and clinical side, which focuses on proactively identifying high-risk members how to best coordinate care and manage expensive members. Going beyond discussing what big data is, HDI attendees will walk away with strategies to create a better informed, fully supported marketing or medical strategy based on real-world data.

  • The 14th annual Shopper Insights in Action Conference

    The 14th annual Shopper Insights in Action Conference

    July 14 - July 16 2014, Chicago, IL

    Shopper Insights in Action unites more than 650 manufacturers and retailers to champion the value of activating intelligence for basket growth. As the most integrated shopper agenda focused on activation, Shopper Insights in Action is recognized as the voice of the industry. The Shopper Insights in Action Conference emerges into a holistic strategy summit with a curated narrative of experience, expertise and new ideas for synthesizing activation across platforms, channels and partners. This is BIG. Success lies in collaboration of every function and discipline invested in the activation of shopper programs.

  • Apex: Prepaid Compliance 2014

    Apex: Prepaid Compliance 2014

    July 14 - July 15 2014, Atlanta, Georgia

    Building on the heritage of the Prepaid Expo, All Payments Expo (APEX) is the new home for the largest and longest-running convergence of the prepaid and payments industry. All Payments Expo is focused on insightful analysis and partnerships in key areas, including: Alternative Financial Services, Emerging Payments and Omnichannel Retail Strategies. These areas build on the Expo's long-standing history in both open and closed-loop prepaid.

  • IIR's Collaborative Summit for Oncology Management

    IIR's Collaborative Summit for Oncology Management

    July 21 - July 23 2014, Philadelphia, PA

    IIR's Oncology Management Summit is the only Oncology event that provides Payers, Providers, Pharmaceutical Executives, Hospital Systems & leading Cancer Centers a platform to influence change and drive impact as the cancer care value chain evolves. With Healthcare Reforms and the ACA placing unprecedented pressure on the cost of cancer care one thing is certain the industry is set for fundamental transformation! Attendees learn from industry experts as they share best practices for Controlling Costs, Increasing Quality, Determining Value & Improving Patient Experience deep diving into the ‘evolving cancer landscape’, ‘bottom-line value & quality’, ‘The Big Data Impact’ and a dedicated focus day on ‘Specialty Pharmacy and its impact on Cancer Care’. A comprehensive 3 day meeting providing insight for the entire stakeholder value chain so they can adapt, outshine and flourish during this time of certain change.