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  • Global Derivatives USA Conference

    Global Derivatives USA Conference

    November 17 - November 21 2014, Chicago, IL

    Now in its 4th year, Global Derivatives USA brings together senior practitioners from hedge funds, prop shops, asset managers, pension funds, banks and more to discuss the key issues facing quantitative traders, portfolio managers, derivatives strategists and quantitative analysts across all asset classes of derivatives.

  •  Therapeutic Area Partnership 2014

    Therapeutic Area Partnership 2014

    November 19 - November 21 2014, Boston, MA

    Therapeutic Area Partnerships (TAP) has come to be regarded as the industry's premier biopharmaceutical partnering event. A uniquely efficient gathering, TAP brings together decision-makers to assess the most promising drug programs available for partnering in: Oncology • Cardiovascular/Metabolic Diseases • Neuroscience • Infectious Diseases • Anti-Inflammatory/Autoimmune Diseases • Advanced Therapies (Cellular and Gene Therapies, Stem Cell, Rare Diseases and other high value and niche areas)

  • Insurance Industry Forum 2014

    Insurance Industry Forum 2014

    November 20 - November 20 2014, Washington, DC

    The 2nd Annual Insurance Industry Forum: Governance, Risk, ORSA This event focuses on developments in holistic risk assessments and ORSA effectiveness. Targeted content for the insurance community, at the event you will discover best practices risk management from insurance companies and thought leaders, gain insight from companies and regulators already familiar with the ORSA process, and explore the convergence of quantitative and qualitative risk management. The event takes place November 20th in Washington DC.

  • Disrupt


    December 03 - December 03 2014, Chicago, Illinois

    Can you think like Google & Amazon? The economic landscape is changing so fast that it is increasingly difficult to anticipate who or what will disrupt the status quo. This unique Strategy Accelerator is specifically designed to help attendees create, dissect and refine new business models for their own companies and industries based on how disruptors operate.

  • GAIM Regulation and Fund Governance 2014

    GAIM Regulation and Fund Governance 2014

    December 04 - December 04 2014, New York, NY

    Hear directly from regulators on what they would like to see, what they are looking for and what’s next on their agenda. In a private setting that fosters open discourse between the hedge fund community and senior executives, attendees will hear from chairs and commissioners from groups such as the CFTC, SEC, ESMA, FINRA, NFA, NAIC, FCA and CIMA. Managers and investors will leave with a better understanding of not only what regulators are looking for, but how to integrate and prepare for new rules and regulations.

  • FUSE Agency Client Summit 2014

    FUSE Agency Client Summit 2014

    December 09 - December 09 2014, New York, NY

    FUSE Agency Client Summit

  • FDA/CMS Summit 2014

    FDA/CMS Summit 2014

    December 11 - December 12 2014, Washington, DC

  • FDA/CMS Summit for Payers 2014

    FDA/CMS Summit for Payers 2014

    December 11 - December 12 2014, Washington, DC

    Driving Collaboration & Innovation to Succeed in a Patient-Centric Environment

  • Private Placements Industry Forum 2015

    Private Placements Industry Forum 2015

    January 27 - January 29 2015

    The 28th Annual Private Placements Industry Forum is the proven global event for deal making. January 27 - 29, 2015, Turnberry Isle Resort, FL

  • Drug Delivery Partnerships 2015

    Drug Delivery Partnerships 2015

    January 28 - January 30 2015, Boca Raton, FL

    partnering ONE is back at DDP by popular demand! Revolutionize your DDP experience and conduct more meetings in just three days than in the rest of the year — the perfect formula for your next multimillion dollar deal!