Great Marketers Are Made @ ePharma West

  • ePharma West is THE LIFE SCIENCES EVENT 100% devoted to providing answers to your most critical issues. When you attend ePharma West, you join a community of leaders and innovators eager to guide you towards the winning digital marketing strategies that will have the maximum impact on your business.

Your Most Critical Issues... Explained

Attending ePharma West is an opportunity for you to collect success stories and put them to work for your own business the moment you return to the office. Our experts will cover the many challenges facing life sciences marketers today, including:
  • Content Marketing

    We devote a full day to what it is, how to match it to specific channels, and how to re-purpose content you already have.
  • What Do Patients Really Want

    Find out in our Patient Pow-Wow Focus Group, where you will hear directly from patient opinion leaders.
  • Social Media

    Don't miss out on these exclusive session from the FDA, Twitter and Facebook to make your 2015 social strategy a success!

Innovators and Game Changers
Lead the Charge

Prepare Your 2015
Campaign for Success

Here's a sneak preview of this year's hottest sessions to help you get a jump on the biggest trends affecting life science marketers:

Pencil In the Sessions You Must Attend for Success

  • Shifting from ROI to ROE, or Return on Engagement

    Main Conference Day 1 9:35AM
    At ePharma West last year, you may remember hearing "a good digital marketing campaign is like your grandmother-you know she's very valuable to you, but you can't put a price on her." ROI is...
  • Walking Through the FDA's Social Media Guidance, What Does It Mean?

    Main Conference Day 1 1:05PM
    Commercial media marketing of medical products has become common with the past ten years. Most currently, interactive social media marketing and promotion of medical products is becoming more visible...
  • Real-Time Marketing in the Real World: Success Stories and Total Flops

    Main Conference Day 1 3:05PM
    In theory, real-time marketing is a huge opportunity to make a splash: you get your brand name out there and can provide timely, amusing content. Take a look at some of the top real-time marketing cam...

Download Center

What's ePharma West all about? Download these podcasts and resources to better understand how ePharma West is tailored for all life science digital marketers on the West Coast:

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