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Accelerating the Path to Market by Leveraging New Partnerships,
Breakthrough Innovation and Unique Business Models
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January 28-30, 2015 | Boca Raton, FL


Your roadmap to success starts at DDP — the only event that delivers the perfect mix of technology, insights and innovation.

with partners for your next multi-million dollar deal using
Gain Insight
into the regulatory landscape to get your piece of the $100BN market
your drug delivery development process and enhance patient therapeutic outcome along with their quality of life

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The perfect formula for your next multi-million dollar deal
new for 2015


Speed the process of matching therapies to patients, improve patient adherence and treatment outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and increase revenues by delivering effective personalized treatments for unmet medical needs.

Digital Medicine

Address a critical gap in patient adherence and treatment outcomes with evolving digital technologies that will shape the future of drug delivery in the healthcare ecosystem.


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Drig Delivery TV DDP Blog  DDP LinkedIn DDP on Twitter