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About Data-Driven Drug Development

Big Data has come to the pharmaceutical industry in a big way. And Data-Driven Drug Development (D4) is the first event to tackle big data in the pharmaceutical industry. This event will help you navigate the strategic business challenges faced by IT and R&D leadership, specifically the intricacies of staffing, governance, data accessibility and ownership, analysis and decision making. D4 will teach you how to balance new technologies with emerging information disciplines to realistically, effectively, and economically harness big data for faster decision making to generate critical information for drug development and commercialization.

"The US health care system has an opportunity for $300 billion in added value from Big Data use."

- McKinsey Global Institute
You work with data every day and it has always driven pharmaceutical development, but now the convergence of information management and R&D is transforming the way you do business. Predictive modeling, new statistical and algorithmic tools for trial improvement, more intense analysis of clinical trials data, and personalized medicine all have the potential to improve R&D productivity, creating HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars in value
TThe data now available and the technologies developed to evaluate it have led to a systematic shift in how IT and R&D function. As data has become more of a commodity and has demonstrated measurable economic value, companies have begun to recognize that the IM organization is one of the few that is cross functional, able to see the process across different units and verticals. The needle is moving, making the IM organization into a partner with the strategic business side of the industry.
Heather King
Program Director
Data-Driven Drug Development
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