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For the past 20 years, Partnerships has been the largest yet most
INTIMATE GATHERING of clinical decision makers in the world.

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The world has radically changed in just the last few years and the trend is likely to continue at an exponential rate. Partnerships in Clinical Trials is changing with it. Partnerships has always been where business gets done and strategic partnership deals are inked, but in 2012 it is where the industry moves forward with answers. We've taken your most pressing challenges and translated them into the most provocative meeting agenda the industry has ever seen.

Are you empowered to revolutionize the future of clinical trials?

Are you expertly managing the rigorous demands of complex global clinical trials?

Are you prepared for the single most important new technology that will change the clinical trial arena forever?

Are you quickly adapting your clinical development model to support targeted therapeutics?

Are you and your CRO aligned as true partners to share risk and innovate to significantly improve success rates for clinical trials?


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