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  • What an experience –
    The Future of Consumer Intelligence marked our best attended, most groundbreaking conference yet.
    Keynote Nate Silver shared insights on uncovering the signal in the noise and prediction science, the onsite DJ kept the crowd moving and the launch of second screen content offered attendees a closer look into our most popular topics. Plus, with more than 300 attendees and 50+ sessions and the depth of content and networking was unparalleled. If you missed it, join in on the conversation about the event on Twitter and LinkedIn. And stay tuned for updates on the 2014 event.

    Have feedback on 2013 or ideas for 2014?
    We'd love to hear from you – contact Romina Kunstadter, Conference Producer at Thanks!
  • True Customer Understanding
    results in more predictable, confident decision making.
    "Consumer intelligence" by definition now spans, aggregates and integrates primary research, trend information and "behavior based data" for a
    360 DEGREE VIEW of the customer.
    How close can we come to doing this in REAL-TIME and what technology, innovative methodologies and thought leadership are behind it to see it through and ACCELERATE THE PROCESS?
  • We Know Where We've Been.
    Now Where Are We Going?
    Transformation of Market Research
    Brought to you by the producer of The Market Research Event
    The Timely Transition
    from Survey Research
    to Gameful Engagement
    Get ready for a conference
    experience like no other:

    from live DJs onsite to
    immersive technology
    and a pumped up crowd!