All Payments Expo Pricing Retail* Standard
Register by October 24, 2014 $495 $1,595
Register by November 21, 2014 $495 $1,695
Register by December 19, 2014 $595 $1,795
Register by January 23, 2015 $695 $1,895
Register after January 23, 2015 $795 $1,995

*Retail Rate:To qualify for the retail rate, you must be directly employed by a company whose primary business is retail and that has brick and mortar and/or online stores at which third-party physical goods or services can be purchased. This rate is intended only for retailers that represent a target audience to a wide range of Apex attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, such as Home Depot, Gap, Best Buy, Walmart, Kroger, Target. Banks, prepaid and gift card distributors, program managers and money remitters do not qualify for this discount. All requests are subject to IIR approval.

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