Address Today's Regulatory Challenges with Regulators, Hedge Fund CCOs and GCs and Leading Onshore and Offshore Counsels


The Biggest Hedge Funds And Best In Class Legal Experts

The Regulatory Authorities

Private Boardroom Discussions with the Leading Regulators and your Peers to address Today's Pressing Regulatory Challenges.

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Hear directly from regulators & industry experts on the headline topics:

  • Global Compliance Plans
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Preventing Fund Disputes
  • The Valuation Minefield
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cross-border obstacles for US-EU Hedge Funds
  • Streamlining Reporting Processes
  • Best Practicies in Insider Trading Compliance
  • Investor Solicitation
  • Prepare for Audits
  • Best Practices for Corporate Governance and Director Disputes
  • Address Compliance Challenges associated with Latest Regulations
  • Updates From: FBI, FINRA, SEC, NFA, AIMA

Testimonials from Past Participants:

  • "Smaller sessions with regulators were truly unique."
  • "The legal, compliance and accounting personnel... supplied great information and were helpful with interpreting new regulations and answering questions on various attendees' particular concerns."
  • "Regulatory focus was fantastic. Liked that there were government agents and counsel commingled with fund representatives."
  • "I really enjoyed hearing from the Regulators."

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