Address Today's Regulatory Challenges with Regulators, Hedge Fund CCOs and GCs and Leading Onshore and Offshore Counsels
December 2014 • New York City


The Biggest Hedge Funds And Best In Class Legal Experts.
The Regulatory Authorities

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Here directly from our regulators...

  • Prioritize regulatory information
  • Streamline reporting processes
  • Implement new regulatory enforcement procedures
  • Address dispute resolution and asset recovery
  • Prepare for audits and address compliance challenges

Testimonials from Past Participants:

  • "Smaller sessions with regulators were truly unique."
  • "The legal, compliance and accounting personnel... supplied great information and were helpful with interpreting new regulations and answering questions on various attendees' particular concerns."
  • "Regulatory focus was fantastic. Liked that there were government agents and counsel commingled with fund representatives."
  • "I really enjoyed hearing from the Regulators."

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