The Creative Leadership Academy (CLA) is uniquely designed to uncover, unleash and develop the business leader's creative talents as a core competency. CLA is not a conference but rather a curated solution to an unmet need. You will understand by seeing; believe by hearing; and achieve by doing.

Enrollment limited to first 150. Creativity can be taught.

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Why CLA?

The pace of change is only increasing. In many categories, the average shelf-life of a business model is getting shorter and the need to constantly innovate is urgent. For a company to be successful it's no longer good enough to have leaders who are talented managers of today's business – they need to be able to create value for tomorrow and beyond.

Who is CLA for?

Creative Leadership is NOT product or target specific – it is an application that can be used across all industries. This opportunity is available to anyone who wishes to learn about the importance of creativity.

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