Are you a manufacturer currently building out, moving
or considering expanding facilities in the U.S.?

Global manufacturers that have recently taken advantage of growing opportunities in the U.S. present their cases, lessons learned and frameworks for sourcing locations, increasing flexibility, reducing costs, incorporating new technologies and mitigating risk.

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Thank you to the outstanding speaker faculty and our supporting partners. The first Reinvesting in American Manufacturing event was provocative, dynamic and meaningful because of your contributions.

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The current and future state of US Manufacturing has dominated the headlines this year. Enthusiasts, skeptics, experts, idealists and realists have found common ground in addressing, if not debating, the significance and sustainability of new opportunities that suggest we are positioned for a manufacturing renaissance.

A recent conversation with a 30 year veteran site selector would certainly suggest this is the case... he was scheduled to present here today but had to cancel at the last minute because of an expanded client project. He explained that in his 30 years of business, he has never seen demand as high it is now... he has four times the client work this year as compared any year in his 30+ years of business As seductive as anecdotes like this one can be, the other side of the manufacturing coin is daunting.

One story I've heard recently that lends weight to the proverbial elephant in the manufacturing room reveals the ongoing challenges with respect to the availability of qualified labor from entry to leadership levels... A consultant for a chemical company who has recruited manufacturing talent since the 70s, has been looking for a candidate for an operations finance position in one of the company's large plants... 400 potential candidates were identified... ultimately, not one was referred to the organization.

Consequences of the destabilization of employment continue to cut across all manufacturing sectors.Years of outsourcing, offshoring and migration from manufacturing jobs means that leaders and members of the manufacturing community must react, collaborate and identify new strategic liaisons, practices, philosophies and operational structures that address these complex issues.

On December 4-6th, attendees heard from manufacturers who have allocated capital and implemented new initiatives in response to new opportunities created by natural gas exploration, increased labor costs abroad, new technologies or any combination of these factors. They heard from manufacturers who are seeing the rewards of being nimble, customer centric and creative in how they access new and repurposed resources. Stories, case studies, debates and discussions affirmed that we are experiencing a manufacturing sea change - whether this is a long term trend or a blip in the history of US manufacturing is open for debate. This event delivered frameworks for continuing dialogue and recommendations that impact all of us...
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